Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions on how the CPA EXCHANGE works.

Sell CPA Practice

When you list your CPA Practice on the CPA EXCHANGE, you are reaching more qualified Buyers than with traditional brokerage methods, giving you a better chance to receive the maximum value for your CPA Practice. If you purchase a CPA Practice, you have access to practices on the CPA EXCHANGE that might otherwise not be available for sale.

We do not charge to list your CPA Practice on the CPA EXCHANGE. There is a 8% Closing Fee on the Contract Sales Price once the sale closes, that the Buyer pays, or the Seller and the Buyer can negotiate and share the cost.

Any member of the CPA EXCHANGE can see the general information of your Practice’s listing. Your personal information and firm’s name are only disclosed after you agree to their request for more information.

The Seller can accept or deny any prospective Buyers, no questions asked. Once accepting prospective buyer’s request to connect, both parties are simultaneously introduced on the CPA EXCHANGE.

The Seller negotiates directly with the Buyer over the platform as you would under a traditional brokerage model. The sale of your CPA Practice is a major transaction and you should consult an outside attorney regarding the contractual obligations. Our CPA EXCHANGE Concierge will provide you with two free hours to assist you with your questions, such as, pricing a practice, negotiation tactics, and guiding you through the buying and selling process.

If your CPA Practice requires additional qualified and interested Buyers, we will use alternative methods, such as direct calls and emails to known parties to market your CPA Practice to the CPA community. While we strive to market to every CPA firm in the United States, we understand that there may be qualified Buyers who are not currently members of the CPA EXCHANGE.

Your listing remains on the CPA EXCHANGE for one year. After this time, we will contact additional Buyers using different alternative methods. Please keep your listing current with all relevant information to make your Practice attractive to Buyers.

Sell Clients

The CPA EXCHANGE understands that there are Clients that no longer match the firm’s client profile. We provide a platform where you can market these Clients individually or as a segment of similar clients, allowing your firm to move forward in a new direction. This is the core of Transforming Your CPA Practice.

The best way to start is to do an honest assessment of your Clients and to rate them against the success factors you want your firm to focus on. Then, list the Clients that no longer fit your profile for sale on the CPA EXCHANGE.

We do not charge to list your Client on the CPA EXCHANGE. There is a 8% Closing Fee on the Contract Sales Price once the sale closes, that the Buyer pays, or the Seller and the Buyer can negotiate and share the cost.

Every CPA Firm has Clients that may be very good fit for another CPA Firm. The CPA EXCHANGE allows you to recognize value on the disposition of those Clients. Once a prospective Buyer shows interest in that Client and negotiations are underway, it is time to let the Client know that you found a better CPA Firm to meet their needs. Our CPA Firm Consulting Services can help you decide which Clients to list for Sale and assist with any related issues.

Generally, a Client is worth about one-times the annual revenue generated by that Client. You will need a clause to include an unsuccessful transition to the Buyer. Every Client needs a CPA firm, and your recommendation holds more weight than leaving them on their own to find a new CPA firm.

Each Client needs to be listed separately on the CPA EXCHANGE. However, please let a prospective buyer know that other similar Clients are available. This is an excellent way to exit or enter a specific practice area based on the current goals for your CPA firm.

List a Job

The CPA EXCHANGE is the only portal where every candidate you will see is a CPA, saving you valuable time sifting through non-qualified candidates on other websites.

There are no costs associated with hiring or posting a job on the CPA EXCHANGE, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in placement fees to traditional search firms.

The CPA EXCHANGE believes a strong market exists for leveraging talent for specific-skilled engagements. Easily find CPA Contract Labor in the practice area you require, and if the engagement can be performed remotely, you have the entire U.S. to search for a CPA who meets your specifications.

Please ask one of the CPAs in your Firm to become a member of the CPA EXCHANGE.

Please ask one of your CPA Controllers or your CFO to become a member of the CPA EXCHANGE.

CPA Firm Consulting Services

After you list your CPA Practice for sale on the CPA EXCHANGE, we can help you with issues such as setting the sales price for your Practice and coordinating details with potential Buyers.

We begin with a Qualitative Initial Assessment of your CPA firm to understand of both you and your stakeholder’s business and personal goals and aspirations. Then we structure an actionable strategic plan with set timelines and goals, customized to your CPA firm.

The CPA EXCHANGE can help you identify and price the Clients you need to list for sale as part of your strategic plan to Transform, Grow and Transition your CPA firm.

Our CPA Firm Consultants, all members of the CPA EXCHANGE, are experienced and entrepreneurial public accounting practitioners who Transformed, Grown, and Transitioned their own practices over their careers.

Once you list your CPA Practice or Clients for sale on the CPA EXCHANGE, we will call you to discuss details, such as price-setting, dealing with potential buyers, and to get to know your overall objectives. There is no charge for this service. For formal consulting CPA Firm Consulting Services engagements, our standard rate is $350 per hour, plus out of pocket costs as agreed-upon, with an option for fixed-price engagements. We are available to visit your office for one or two-day comprehensive consultations. Our Initial Assessment and Report is a flat rate of $1,500. Each CPA Firm Consulting Engagements is unique. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation.