Clayton,DE 04:58 PM | Dec 15

  • Annual Revenue: 120,000
  •   Remote Work


New York,NY 05:01 PM | Dec 15

  •   Remote Work
  • How To Pay?:  Weekly


Fairfield,CT 04:50 PM | Dec 15

  • Annual Revenue: 7,200,000

  • Clients: 7200

  • Years in Business: 35

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The CPA EXCHANGE helps buyers identify CPA firms for sale in target geographies or specialty areas, and sellers list their practices or clients for maximum exposure to the CPA community. Find traditional and remote CPA labor to help streamline your practice on our digital CPA Job Board.

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The CPA EXCHANGE helps firms achieve their short- and long-term goals. Our digital marketplace provides space for CPA firms to transform, grow and transition their practices in a volatile market.

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Looking to grow or exit a specific industry sector or practice area? The CPA EXCHANGE helps buyers and sellers identify individual clients with specific parameters.


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Find traditional and remote CPA labor on the CPA EXCHANGE Job Board.

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